History of French philosophy, Spring 2022

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Wednesday Jan 26


Monday Jan 31

Descartes’ project

Wednesday Feb 2

Descartes on the mind-body problem

Monday Feb 7

Elizabeth on Descartes

Wednesday Feb 9

Descartes on freedom and knowledge

Monday Feb 14

Descartes on the passions (I)

Wednesday Feb 16

Condillac on the mind

Monday Feb 21

Language and thought

Wednesday Feb 23


Monday Feb 28

Rousseau and the problem of society (I)

Wednesday Mar 2

Rousseau and the problem of society (II)

Monday Mar 7

*Amour-propre* and education

Midterm paper

Wednesday Mar 9

The social contract (I)

Monday Mar 21

The social contract (II)

Wednesday Mar 23

The social contract (III)

Monday Mar 28

Rousseau revisits the problem

Wednesday Mar 30

Diderot on social men

Monday Apr 4

Kojève on Hegel

Wednesday Apr 6

Bergson on duration

Monday Apr 11

Bergson on the two selves

Wednesday Apr 13

Bergson on two ways to decide

Wednesday Apr 20

French existentialism

Friday Apr 22

Bad faith

Monday Apr 25

The gaze of the other

Wednesday Apr 27

The Other: Beauvoir uses Kojève

Monday May 2

Beauvoir’s ethics (I)

Wednesday May 4

Beauvoir’s ethics (II)

Monday May 9

Review session

Wednesday May 11


Friday May 13

Final paper